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Thuleigh Fashion Palace

Dare to stand out, whether it's fashion or wedding gown.


THULEIGH FASHION PALACE provides quality and timeless fashion, in elegant unique stylish garments. Also aims to create and maintain a respectable, reputable brand that values customers, conscious about customer satisfaction and consistently producing products that provide value for money.


Our collections are inspired by unique stylish women who are bold and confident. Women who celebrate to be themselves and are queens. Women who personifies class, elegance and exclusively. 

Dare to stand out, Thuleigh


Ms N Dubeir

Founder, CEO


THULEIGH FASHION PALACE is an online boutique that provides unique and stylish fashionable garments. We also provide gowns for white or traditional weddings and dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls and guestsTHULEIGH FASHION PALACE Pty (Ltd) Fashion and Wedding boutique was founded in Durban, South Africa late 2020 as a start up retailer.

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